Dress Code / Other Info

Dress Code

    Please read the Dress Code

  • RCA is a uniformed school 
  • Parents, agree to check their child’s clothing every morning to make sure they  are wearing appropriate attire.  
  • All students agree to dress appropriately for school, following the dress code standards. 
  • Uniform skirts may not be too tight or short.  
  • NO shorts are allowed in 6th – 12th grades.  
  • Each offense – a parent will be called and the student will be sent home for the day,  no exceptions.  
  • All outerwear including sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. MUST have the school logo on it  for ALL grades.  
  • Acceptable colors: Collared Shirts – Navy, Light Blue, Grey, White, Pink  Pants   Navy and Khaki
    Skirts – Uniform only in plaid or Navy or Khaki  
  • Please take uniform shirts to Keeping You In  Stitches (770) 591-2010 http://www.keepinyounstitches.com

Parent / Student Cell Phone Use Agreement

Please read the Cell Phone Policy for all 6-12 grade students.  For the 2019-2020 school year, cellular phones and all other electronic equipment are not permitted to be used or visible in the classroom or on campus at any time. Each violation will result in a 2 day suspension, no exceptions.  

Please see the Student/Parent Handbook for more information. 

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